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This tumblr will consist mostly of JYJ (especially Kim Jaejoong! <3), Harry Potter, Doctor Who & Supernatural fangirling shenanigans, now featuring Tom Hiddleston! You have been warned! \:D/
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Little Things + 8/14

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honeymoon is an interesting term because an actual moon made of honey would imply space bees which is pretty horrifying

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Whoa, scientists have finally uncovered the identity of Jack the Ripper 

I don’t normally reblog things, but this is simply too interesting to not make a note of! Read more at the Independent or the Mirror

this is how I see their entire relationship

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So the tree steals the movie basically.

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The Best of Nathan Filion’s “No Day”

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Watch it in video

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this is the happiest thing i’ve ever seen

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Tired of using old receipts to mark the page you’re on?

Here are 10 wonderful bookmarks for the literary-lover.

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